Walking and Podcasts

Close Up Woman Walk In To The Wild With Sunset And Sunlight Back

I have started walking during my lunch hour at work. I like this new routine. It feels good to stretch my legs, reset my brain with some fresh air, and spend a little time in nature: if even through an urban lens. I especially love to watch the seasons change through the leaves and trees.

My sister has always encouraged me to explore the wide world of podcasts; she is a big fan and listens to them voraciously throughout her day. I have always liked the idea but never made the time. Walking at lunch is now providing me with the opportunity to try it out as a new hobby.

I am mostly exploring podcasts focussed on creativity and innovation.  A few of my favourites so far are: TED talks; CBC Writer’s & Co.; and Magic Lessons. This week, I listened to interviews with artists and writers like: Glennon Doyle Melton; Elizabeth Gilbert; Sharon Olds; Zadie Smith; and Leonard Cohen. All of these talks have been very inspiring. It is wonderful to listen to people talk about pursuing their passions. Each and every one of them knew what they were born to do. To create. They then pursued this path relentlessly: despite facing much opposition and many odds.

A thread connecting each of their stories is the fact that a creative life is not an easy one. Even the most seasoned artist or musician has experienced years (and sometimes decades) of rejection and disappointment; but they. kept. going. Not for fame and fortune. They are all simply compelled to create their work and then offer it out to the world. And then create more and do the same again.  Over and over and over.  It is such a raw and vulnerable choice to make. To put your innermost thoughts and expressions on paper and then place those new-born thoughts and ideas into a public space for critique and discussion.

And this brings to why I started this blog. I, too, am driven to create. It makes me feel alive and connected.  I enjoy observing the world around me and sharing what I see through the written word. I always have: ever since I was a little girl. When I was seven years old, I wrote and illustrated a book. It was not my first book; but it was my favourite and I was very proud of it.  I worked on it for weeks on end and I then took it into my school library. I asked the librarian to add it to the collection. I wanted my work to sit on those shelves; and I wanted other children to read my book. It was my dream. I wanted to be a writer and create beautiful things with words.  But as the years passed, I stated to waiver. I believed what I heard around me. That is not a career path. Pursue something more stable. Be realistic Lora.

And so I did. I listened to everyone else and I followed many long and circuitous roads. They all led me back here. To this place and this passion. Thirty-four years later, with the same dream beating strong in my chest. So now I must write and stop being afraid of failure. I will write and write and write to see what happens. I will try to create some magic on these pages and to bring people together through my words and my dreams of beauty, love and light.