Assume Nothing

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I create stories. I create stories about peoples’ intentions. I create stories about why things happen. I assume that I know the truth. This is a very human trait. It is the way our brains are wired: to make meaning out of chaos and confusion. But the reality is this is not ‘the truth.’ It is a perspective. It is a story. A concept knit together from fragments of information and weak assumptions. Rather than being helpful, it creates issues and causes harm.

I recently began to pay attention to this habit. I became an observer of the pattern. I started to ask myself some questions. What if I stop making assumptions and start allowing the discomfort of the unknown? What if I lean into curiosity and ask more questions? What if I invite difficult conversations and listen intently? What if I speak truthfully and allow for vulnerability? What if I refrain from analysis until I possess facts instead of guesses? What could that look like? I believe it could be absolutely transformative.

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