Joy Journal

Joy Journal #13: June 29, 2022

During my time in Aix, a family friend introduced me to a wonderful French woman named Frédérique. Frédérique previously lived in Victoria and she maintains close ties with the west coast of Canada. She kindly offered to host me for lunch with her family and they warmly welcomed me into their home. We enjoyed a lovely meal together on the patio, over several hours, while she shared stories about her time living in Canada, and I shared about my experience living in France. Frédérique spoke French with me the whole time and she was incredibly encouraging of my efforts with the language.

The following week, Frédérique and her sister, Olivia, invited my daughter and I to join them on a day trip to swim in the Mediterranean at Istres. They took us to a quiet and private spot that used to be part of a quarry. The stone had been cut along a long flat shelf and it provided a perfect jumping platform. The ocean was warm and inviting; and we floated happily together in the highly salinated waters. It was a beautiful and unique experience: one that we enjoyed thanks to their generosity and knowledge of the local area.

One of the many gifts of travel is the opportunity to meet kind strangers who welcome you into their lives and community. Although our time was short together, I have formed a deep heart connection with Frédérique. She is a real kindred spirit and I know that she will be someone I stay in touch with for many years to come. #JoyBlogging

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